I amd getting tired of curry

Oh Curry, ambrosia of Asia. 

I’m getting tired of you.


I can’t be sure if I am getting tired of curries in general or just the Sri Lankan style. Definitely prefer to eat curry with chopsticks than with my hands, or rather with a spoon while everyone else gets their hands right in there with the spicy stuff.Let’s review my life, curry by curry in chronological order

In Peru:
Pollo al Curry: Chicken legs cooked in yellow curry powder served with rice. Definitely not spicy.

In Australia and back in Peru:
Chicken Curry: Chicken legs cooked like a stew with curry paste, not sure if Indian or Thai or what. A bit spicy but nothing major.

Chicken Curry with coconut milk: Same as the last one but with coconut milk.

Finding out that there were three kinds of Thai curry; yellow, red and green.

Love affair with curry begins!


Eating Indian Food at an Indian Fair and really enjoying all the different curries. Minimally Spicy, probably because the cook though it was best for “foreigners”.

Eating Thai Food in a restaurant and trying green curry for the first time. Minimally Spicy. Didn’t care much for the tiny green eggplants but no big deal.

In Thailand:
Green curry, red curry, yellow curry, I WANT CURRY!

Finally started to taste how spicy curry could be, but Thai curry has a “fresh” taste that even if the spiciness gets overbearing it is still delicious.

Tried Japanese Omu Rice with brown curry. Interesting…

In Indonesia:
Indonesian curry is ok, Rendang being the best of them. But they just aren’t Thai Curry.

In Sri Lanka:
We weren’t even there yet and the waiting area to get on the plane in Bangkok smelled like curry. Arriving in Colombo, the first smell was curry.

Sri Lankan curry is not made from paste like in Thailand, but instead with roasted powders. The flavor of curry leaves and spices and chilli are extremely overpowering. No matter what the curry is made of, meat, vegetables, fruit, the chilliness takes over the flavor and you need more and more rice to be able to eat it all.

The local Sri Lankan staple is Rice and Curry, wrapped in plastic and newspaper, eaten by hand and then left to pick at by the crows. Finding a nice curry is not an easy task, spicy (tasteless) curry is everywhere.

Curry for breakfast, curry for lunch, curried snacks, curry in the air, curry on the ground, curry for the crows, curry in the bread buns, curry in the elevator.


I am tired of curry.