Instant Drinks in Sachets: Minuman Instan


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NaBloPoMo Day 3

I´m always checking out food and drink stalls as soon as we arrive in a new place. Each city has their own style. But the one kind of stall in Bali that caught my eye and curiosity were the ones with hanging packs of juice and coffee and tea.

I then started seeing them in all the shops and warungs. I found it pretty interesting really. There are over 20 kinds of instant coffees, over 5 kinds of teas and juices of all flavors, even avocado. I am slowly becoming an “instant minuman” consumer and I have quite a few at home.

I buy different Kopi sachets to try as many as possible. I liked the “Good Day” Caribbean Nut flavor but then it started tasting too sweet. I still have a few flavors to go but soon I think I will just want some normal coffee in the French Press with very little sugar.

You can also get Ovaltine, Milo, “white coffee” whatever that is. Capuccino flavored coffee with a sachet of chocolate sprinkles, Tea with lemon, Tea with ginger and milk, Coffee with gingseng. And then there´s also the Energy Vitamin Sachets like Hemaviton.

In Thailand I used to drink the traditional Kopi with fake Condensed Milk!

Useful words
Kopi = Coffee
Susu = Milk
Gulah = Sugar
Teh= Tea
Minuman = A drink, to drink