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Your kids will thank you specially if they are small. 
My kids are proof.

Kidloland is an educational app available for iOS and Android that is easy to use and keeps little ones entertained. The app is geared to kids younger than 5 but the older kids might want to watch along too!

My kiddos have been using the Kidloland app for a couple of weeks, and every time they sit to play with it they have a great time picking if they want to hear a story or play a game. There is so much to do in Kidloland that they always find something new.

I was impressed as to how many different options there were to play with and the graphics are quite entertaining. 

There are games, stories, songs, phonics songs, abc songs, activities, popping games, classic songs like row your boat and the wheels on the bus.

My oldest little on is 6 so he gets tired faster of the app, my daughter is 4 and she stays on longer. I would totally recommend this app for little ones, it’s entertaining and educational all in one.

Just last night my kids discovered the christmas songs and have been playing them over and over. Some of the songs are part of their christmas concert so they were happy about that.

We have played the 12 Days of Christmas on repeat for a few hours now. Their favorite part is of course fiiiiiive gooooldeeen riiiiings. That’s my favorite part too. The illustrations on the video are cute to follow and full of color. Small Kiddo also likes the Jingle Bells song and saying “hey!”. 

What I really like about the Kidloland videos is that it has the singalong words at the bottom so that parents can actually sing with the kids. I sure don’t remember all the words to the songs but having the letters there helps a lot, and the kids learn faster as well.

I have to say my kids much haven’t delved into the phonics and abc’s parts of Kidloland, I think it reminds them too much of school. For homeschool families though, this is a great addition. I had a look at it on my own and it’s quite entertaining like the rest of the app. 

There is one thing though, since there are so many possibilities of play inside the app, you have to download it by pieces as the kids go along. This is great if you have good internet but if you don’t then you can only use the ones you already downloaded. For car trips, parents would have to download all the little bits first so that the kids can use the app freely.

I would definitely recommend buying the full version as there is so much more to see and learn, it’s easy to use for little fingers and the music is attention grabbing.

Download the app at the Apple StoreGoogle Play and Amazon App Store

Kidloland gifted us a subscription of the app in exchange for a review, but the thoughts are all my own.