Kite season in Bali

The dry season in Bali brings along some strong winds! The whistling, tree bending kind. It´s still hot as all hell but at least the afternoon winds refresh the sweat beads that are constantly rolling down your back and face.

But the greatest of all things that the dry season brings is Kite Flying Season! As the winds pick up around noon, if you look up at the sky you can see tens of kites all over the place. Red ones, black ones, white ones. In my neighborhood they are the classic shapes and they fly pretty high up, looks like a kilometer away.

On the beach, like in Sanur and Seminyak, you can see some crazy kites like sailboat shaped kites and huge colorful butterfly kites and some kites that look like condors or eagles.



When we first realized it was Kite Season, the winds were not so strong and our kite string broke while trying to fly it in the park. I still have not fixed it but I´m being lazy and the kids really do love flying the kite. I promise to fix it for summer vacation.

The day we took out kite to the park was a fun one though, Big Kiddo really enjoyed it. I got them a dragonfly kite at a stall in Denpasar behind the school. I actually almost paid waaaay to much for it because I had not learned the numbers properly yet. Now I know the difference between 15 and 50.

I vow to get some kite flying in before the Kite Festival this year! And I´m not missing the windiest and most colorful day in the skies, not even if I am sick. The Kite Festival is in July this year, from the 18th to the 20th. Schedule it people!