Learning about cold weather while in the tropics.

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NaBloPoMo Day 5

What can we learn from watching Frozen so many times? We can learn that there are parts of the world where its actually cold, and you can´t just get by with a tshirt and flipflops. We have not had a winter in three years! There have been a couple times where we needed a sweater but nothing major. Big Kiddo uses sneakers and long sleeves and isn´t bothered by the heat, he´s a total Asian. Small Kiddo has finally given in to me putting up her hair, i think she finally realized how much more comfortable it is for the sweaty neck and forehead.

So what´s another way to learn about the cold? Well, you can make ice pops! They really are very easy. We made grape ones just out of instant juice. Of course there are thousands of recipes out there for making healthy ice pops, maybe I´ll get around to those next week. Ice Pops on Pinterest!

We remembered that in Thai, water is called “nam” and ice is called “nam ken”. I used to really like asking for “nam ken” for my drinks. That reminds me, when I was little we used to make “adoquines de cocacola”, basically Coca Cola ice cubes. Sweet and sticky summer memories! And how do you say water and ice in Bahasa Indonesia? Water is “air” and ice is “es”. When you want a cold drink you say “es the” (iced tea) “es kelapa” (iced coconut water), etc.

What other fun stuff can you do? You can look at photos of places in winter covered in snow and ice and you can laugh at how Olaf doesn´t know that in the summer he would turn into a puddle. And then you can look at Olaf Bento Boxes cause they are cute. We specially liked this one with the gyozas and the Olaf made of Japanese Vermicelli noodles!

Want to see some awesome ice pops?
Check out Mad Pops Bali.
We might have to do a field trip.