learning through experiences

The Essence of Worldschooling

traveling and wandering

We don’t have a set travel schedule. Sometimes we move cities every month, other times we stay in one country for a year. No matter which option we choose, we try and have a daily life full of new experiences and discoveries.

eating the world

Every new location is full of food discoveries. Some places have a better success rate with the kids. Some favorites have been mango and sticky rice in Bangkok, döner kebab in Istanbul, and Greek salad in Athens.

seeing and remembering the culture

Going deep into the culture is not always easy.  But in order to get the kids to really feel the place, involve some video and photography. Both look at at photos and watch videos of places but also create videos and take photos for their own personal memory.

learning through experiences

Learning with Worldschooling is mostly about learning through experience. The constant change and search for something new is the best teacher. As they travel, kids learn about different cultures, languages, customs, and food.

Worldschooling encourages constant learning of geography and history. Researching a new destination, looking at maps, watching food and travel videos, it all adds up to help kids be global citizens.

We do a mix of all levels of travel as we move around. Some days are for exploring and sightseeing, others are visits to the supermarket or local neighborhood shops. We visit museums at our own pace, sometimes more than once. 

You can find out more about our worldschooling adventures on the blog.

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