leave it all behind, travel, worldschool and blog it

So, to begin this new blogging endeavor I thought, how should I start, or rather, when should I start, or at which when? Like Dave (a guy I met on a plane to Cusco many years ago) said, I should start with The Pi Shop (a coffee shop I used to own) And he was actually pretty spot on. 

Its not like our family adventure started when we came to live in Asia, it started many many years ago in Cusco, Peru; at The Pi Shop. But I´m not going to start at that little red and yellow coffee shop even if chronological time dictates it. Let´s just keep it as a memory of the beginning of many beginnings. Maybe I will come back to it later. 

“Let´s put it all in perspective, the year of the Dragon is about to end this month and we´re off to 
Worldschool our kids”

Two adults (only cause our ages say we are), one adolescent internet addict (she’s the most excited about this blog coming to existence) one toddler who wants to go out adventuring at least twice a day and always “some place new”, and the baby with the strongest name we could ever have given her. She´s not at all Asian in blood, but has asian looking eyes! Maybe it was all the coconut milk and curry I was eating while pregnant with her. 

We live in Bangkok, Thailand right now, on a street called Soi 23 (more on Sois)and from here we can take any kind of public transport and adventure out into the city and beyond. Here here to the unsynchronized beginning of the timeless chronicles of this our little adventurous worldschooling family!