Leaving and Going and Staying and Adventuring

There´s the classic kind of expat, the one that gets sent to work overseas and takes the family tagging along. These families sometimes live in one country that isn´t their own and sometimes they are constantly moving from one country to the other. Then there´s the retired expat that moves away once they feel it´s time to leave the place they lived and worked for most of their entire adult life. There are the traveling families that never stay in one spot and live off the actual travel (my favorite). There´s also the ones that went off traveling and never went home, found a place they liked and suddenly they were expats there. 

And then there´s families like us, not sent by a company somewhere tagging along a container of furniture, not exactly a nomad family either. The kind that lives in one place until that place runs out of magic. I had moved around before this move yes, but never really like this. G has been doing this his whole life, living places and experiencing them until there was nothing left. And I loved that. I needed that. We spent 7 long years in Lima doing this, but really it dragged on and on. The magic of the place had wiltered quite a few years before. But there was a house full of furniture, jobs, etc.

Until it was time, time to just get that foot out the door and go. No one ever really knows what it´s like to live adventures until you actually get out and do them. So we did that, we got up and left. To go somewhere new, to experience new colors and weathers. To eat different foods, and all that great stuff that travel gives you.

It´s been two years since we left and the kids have no problems with sleeping in hotels, or taking long car trips. With boats and kayaks and motorcycles and rain and sand and mud and even leeches. I didn´t have much experience with all this, so it took me a while, sometimes I still forget the mosquito spray and the snacks.

I wouldn´t change this experience for anything, I´m glad I met the person who would take me on these adventures that I´d probably too much of a wuss to do alone. Thank You. And thank you kids for being so great at it and teaching me stuff along the way.