Longtail Boat adventures in Laos and Thailand

Boat tide to Pak Ou caves He fell asleep on the way back Since then he always relaxes on boats June, 2012

During the year that we spent in Bangkok, Big Kiddo spent all of it traveling with his dad while I lived out the last big bellied months of pregnancy and then the newborn months. They had adventures every single day. They saw all of Bangkok and plenty of the rest of Thailand too. Needless to say, Big Kiddo had his own personal photographer and I had infinite material for my posts about his adventures.  Our life is a little different now, Big Kiddo doesn´t get to travel or explore every single day, but still quite often and now he does it with his sister. From his year in Bangkok and months in Laos, I got to make posts about him pointing at things he discovered, all the noodle soups he ate and about the trains he had been on. I haven´t done a post like that in a while, but looking through our archives about our travels around the South of Thailand, I saw that kiddos have been on lots of longtail boats. And then I fished out the external hard drive and found more photos of Big Kiddo before Little Kiddo! So here it is, the Longtail Boat Anthology.

First Longtail Boat Ride  to an Elephant Camp in Luang Prabang Big Kiddo was almost 2 years old. May, 2012

Crossing the river in Luang Prabang Holding on to his traveling tiger. June, 2012

Fast Klong boat in Bangkok On the way to Wat Saket August, 2012

River boat in Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River September, 2012

Somewhere along the River Kwai November, 2012

Just a quick bordercrossing Visa Run Longtail Style January, 2013

Hello Andaman Sea May, 2013

Chow Wein Lake in Khao Sok National Park
Already a master traveler
July, 2013
Little Kiddo’s first boating adventure!
August, 2013
Big Kiddo always falls asleep
and Little Kiddo loves nursing on them
Damn, I’m wearing the same outfit on both these photos!
September – October, 2013
Little Kiddo is bigger
And Big Kiddo still falls asleep!
January – March, 2014
James Bond Island at dawn!
Phang Nga Bay by longtail before breakfast.
August, 2014
Let’s go to Koh Paynee
oh and some more longtail nursing
August, 2014
Back to Khao Sok
Kids didn’t get tired on this boat
August, 2014
Island hoppin in Ao Luek
You can’t tell but later we got caught
in a really wet storm
and both Kiddos fell asleep
October, 2014