It’s one thing to tend and take care of your baby’s needs. Most new mothers are focused on keeping the baby happy, healthy and safe. Managing diapers, milk and nap times are time-consuming tasks on their own. However, you also have to make sure your baby is properly clothed. There’s so much to consider when it’s time to address the concept of managing your baby’s laundry.

Consider the following tips to stay on top of it all.

Use gentle laundry detergents

There are lots of harsh ingredients in the standard laundry detergents on the shelves of grocery stores. While they might be okay for an adult to use, you want to be extra careful when you’re washing a baby’s clothes. To be on the safe side, make sure to use a very gentle laundry detergent. In fact, many retailers carry laundry detergents that are especially for babies. Also, it’s wise to consider the use of natural ingredients to wash the clothes. If you have extra time, you might want to consider making your own baby detergent. You’ll know exactly what’s going in the wash, and you can customize it with essential oils and more.

Purchase lots of onesies

Onesies are extremely convenient. Especially in the first few months, babies run through onesies pretty quickly. After a blow-out, it’s easy to quickly grab another onesie and a pair of pants or shorts for changing. Onesies are great when you’d like to add layers as well. You can always dress the baby in an additional t-shirt or sweater.

Order outfits online

It’s so simple to shop online. It’s even more convenient to shop for babies because they don’t need to try anything on before you buy it. Whether it’s once or twice a month, you can do a major haul to purchase the different clothing items you’ll need. Babies grow out of clothes quickly so take that into consideration when you purchase clothing. Also, don’t be afraid to mix things up. In addition to the simple onesies, purchase¬†baby sports apparel, play date attire and formal outfits for those adorable professional family pictures.