Multilingual Children and Food Series; Adventure Learning

These past few months I´ve been off the blog and into other things. Like trying to take Astor to school and then changing our minds, and big season starting in Thailand so there´s less moving around as a troupe. Doing some writing work at night, but underachieving due to tiredness. There has been more time spent trying to make our home livable and the kids entertained or rather contained. Sometimes its just keep them kind of quiet without screams, and the house just stays passable. Because really, what´s the point of picking up that thing, when as soon as you stand up from  stooping,something new is on the floor on the other side of the room. And so on, forever. You know what I mean, toddlerdom!
Now it was time to get back. Around the beginning of November the downstairs room turned into a home schooling playground studio slash hanging out room. I´m not exactly a homeschooling expert, far from it. Actually the only thing I can really think of, as to how to teach anything to a three year old is with paints and markers, ok and some Youtube videos. First we did a numbers and letter series that´s up on the wall, up to 10 and K respectively. And then we got creative.
Our first fruit was a slice of watermelon. We did some other fruits, rambutan, dragon fruit. When we did the bananas, Astor covered his hand in yellow paint and the series was born. Then it went off in tangets, like all good art. Some of the photos are taken with the ipad, some with the G11, all put through the pixlr collage maker. And since I´m supposed to get them to learn English, and maybe pick up on some Thai, we put the names in English, Spanish and Thai.