My Bali Neighborhood; Renon, Denpasar.

NaBloPoMo Day 12
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Its been three months since we moved into our western style house in the modernized Balinese neighborhood of Renon in South Denpasar. Across the street from our place is a huge house built out of the stone used for temples and next to it a dirty garbage canal and little bit over is a field of banana trees and yucca plants. There actually are not that many Balinese compounds on my street. Maybe only two or three.

Our Bali ´Hood Series

I have not taken many photos of our Bali ´hood for Instagram, mostly because my Ipad is dead so Instagram is on hold again. While the Ipad had still not fallen and died, I did manage some shots for “Our Bali ´Hood” Series. Here one of what we see from the front of the house, a Belimbing tree and another of what we see from the second floor balcony, the neighbors´water tanks. It was a nice shade of rainy gray that day.

The King of the Neighborhoood

Around the streets here are some things that are just too much to miss! First off, the chickens! They are everywhere, always with new baby chicks crossing the street and almost getting run over. The greatest of all the poultry families in my neighborhood is the rooster that lives outside the neighborhood temple. Here he is in all his instagrammed glory.

El Oxidado como Mater

And last but not least is the greatest find of all, the rusted car with a shark face. The kiddos call it “el oxidado como Mater”, the rusty car like Mater. This car looks like it´s been rusted on purpose though! Its been sitting there for over a month now.

It took me three weeks to finally take a picture of it. I would either forget to take out the camera when going to the shops or I would take the camera and forget to put the memory card and worst of all was when the sun was shining on the front of the car and was impossible to photograph. But alas, one day we all remembered to take the camera out before noon and got this great shot!