My life in a Lotus Flower

lotus tattoo, lotus flower, my tattoos, Just recently I learned something new that I should have known many years ago, the name for Lotus in Thai is บัว, pronounced “bua”. Lotus flowers have always been important to me since I read about how when Gautama Buddha was born he was able to walk and wherever he stepped, lotus flowers grew. Krishna’s Lotus Feet also made a statement along the way. But that’s as far as my spiritual search went in that direction. But it was enough to get my feet tattooed with lotus flowers and spirals that I designed myself on my moleskine notebook, between doing my humanities homework and going to raves.

So why is it important that I just learned that Lotus in Thai is “bua”?, when I was 17 I used to spend a lot of time in chatrooms about Wicca and my online nickname was Bua. Then months later like any normal teenager, that all changed and I spent a lot of time reading the Baghavad Ghita and eating vegetarian Krishna food. I never knew that my Bua witch days would ever be connected to the Lotus tattoo era.

Now I know they are and I love when things fit like long lost puzzle pieces.

lotus tattoos, lotus flower tattoo, before and after tattoo, fixed tattoo, stefano´s tattooIn January of 2012, I went to get my lotus tattoos redone (they were 13 years old already). I got the old lotus flowers recolored and reshaped and on each ankle I added more flowers, a big watercolor one on the right and three graphic ones on the left. All this without ever having seen a real lotus flower in my entire life. And then a month later we decided to move to Southeast Asia and the lotus were finally coming full circle.


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