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When contacted me about sending me a free pair of glasses in exchange for this blog post, I jumped at the opportunity. Why? Because finding a nice pair of glasses is either difficult or ridiculously expensive, and I’d never had an excuse before to write about wearing glasses so I figured why not. Read my review below my little story and then get an awesome 50% discount with the code at the bottom of this article.A story of my eyesight and my love of frames


The first time I put on seeing glasses was when I was fifteen and the greatest thing I noticed about the world was how the big trees had lots of leaves and were not just green blobs sitting on top of other brown blobs. An aunt of mine owned an “optica” on Av. Petit Thouars, really close to my grandmother’s house and I remember it was called “Optica Cientifica”. I got all my glasses there until more modern opticians opened up around the city.


My first pair of glasses were round and black. For years I went back and forth with contact lenses and frames but now I wear mainly glasses. My eyes tend to get dry quite fast and contact lenses become uncomfortable quite fast. When I wore contact lenses I would wear all sorts of sunglasses.
I have had many kinds of frames throughout the years. I have a box in storage with old frames that I don’t want to get rid of because they are so pretty. I have a pair of antique wire frames that I used for over a year until I changed for a pink and yellow model.


When I was traveling back and forth to Argentina I got all sort of fashionable frames and even had two seeing frames at a time that I could switch back and forth with. Then I stopped wearing contacts altogether and went back to frames full time. We left Peru while I was sporting the pink cats eye frames. On a beach day in Thailand I had to choose between holding on to my baby or to my glasses when a wave came our of nowhere and covered us completely. I hope you guessed that I held on to the baby!


After that it took a long time to find another pair I really liked. I had been making do for a couple of years when I get an email from a company that sold glasses online who wanted to send me a pair of glasses! Thank you for my new thin tortoiseshell nerdy chic glasses!


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My honest review of buying eyeglasses online


On the first try of picking out the glasses, it was a bust. It turns out the prescription glasses are ordered online through an american company but the actual product comes from China. Sri Lankan post isn’t so great and they can’t track all the numbers. Needless to say, the first pair got lost. It took me a few months to realize what had happened, but then it was all ok after I talked to the representatives about it and started the process again. The original pair I had wanted wasn’t available anymore so I picked my second choice,  a thin tortoiseshell rectangular frame that suits me better then i thought it would.



The frames with prescription lenses came in a cute plastic case and a good quality cleaning cloth.

I noticed quite quickly that the frames were not very sturdy and slipped off my face. With care the frames will be fine, and then slipping off I managed to fix quite easily at the optician in my neighborhood, she folded the legs a little bit to fit behind my ears better.

I was happy that I had my prescription with all the details like pupil distance in an email from a previous optician in Indonesia. I imagine that to order these kinds of frames online you need to get your eyes measured first and some opticians only do it if you are going to buy frames for them.

I’ve never had prescription sunglasses but it could be interesting. has prescription sunglasses too, apart from the regular clear ones.


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