Pack-n-Go Girls “The Mystery of the Golden Temple”

NabloPoMo Day 23

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This is not a sponsored post, it is truly a wonderful book.

If you have children that crave adventure, they will love all the books of the Pack N Go Girls Series. My kiddos and I especially enjoyed the one set in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. We have a little bit of Thailand in our hearts, Small Kiddo was born in Bangkok and we enjoyed revisiting some of our favorite things about Thailand while reading the story.



Nong May and Jess have just met but have quickly become friends. It is Jess´s first time in Thailand and things seem “weird”. She tries her best to remember what her mom told her before the trip, things are not weird, they are just different.

Jess´s family´s first experiences in Thailand are full of bad luck and broken buddha statues, making Jess a little nervous. Her parent´s carefree attitude help her relax and integrate with the people they meet as they arrive in Chiang Mai.

Jess´s new friend Nong May is very outgoing and easy to talk to, the girls share their favorite things discovering they have a lot in common. The new friendship starts with a tale of mystery and bad luck when Nong May´s grandmother tells Jess about their lost family amulet and how their grandfather had disappeared after their village was threatened by thieves.
To top off the bad luck, Jess trips and falls after seeing a snake and accidentally breaks a buddha statue revealing a folded up piece of paper. The girls have great adventures deciphering the messages and maps on the paper.

The bad luck might just have an end to it after all! Will they solve the mystery?

All the books are great additions to a family holiday to any of the featured locations; Austria, Mexico or Thailand. Even if there are no travel plans, the books are full of great adventures to have at home. These should be part of Primary School Reading Lists for classes like Geography or History, even Language Arts.

The books not only tell a great story, they also have tips on traveling to the destination, and even words and phrases to learn in the language of the place. It is obvious that Lisa, the author, did her research, or knows the places quite well. They are described from the heart, you can feel that you are really there.

That is what grabbed my kiddo´s attention so quickly, the familiar Thailand they know and love. I´m sure that the novelty of a far away place will grab the attention of the kids that haven´t traveled yet, these books will definitely get their travel bug moving and that is a wonderful thing.

When we were reading the chapter about the lost amulet, my kiddos brought their own Thai amulets to compare with the illustration. The loved that!


After reading the book the kiddos had me look for photos of when Dad and Big Kiddo went to spend Songkran in Chiang Mai. On the left is Wat Doi Suthep and on the right is a Buddha Statue inside a Tribe Village House in the Hills outside Chiang Mai.