We’ve been at this Unschooling adventure for a few months now. We are quite new at labeling it although we have been essentially doing it since Big Kiddo was really small. When we started doing/learning things through themes and interests, I always started with some art project, cause that’s the way my mind works.  The first month I was really into it and gave the themes a lot of  time. The kiddos smiled and laughed a lot during that month.

And then some life things happened and I got distracted. Also the kiddos showed me that what they really like to do is destroy things, including the art projects. And that made me angry, and annoyed, and all kinds of other gross feelings similar to “wasting my time”.  So what happened? I stopped doing art projects altogether. Kiddos started watching way too many videos on YouTube. Big Kiddo started whining, crying, tantruming and allround just being a pain in the butt.
Things started to get really bad around the house, on top of it all our car was in the shop so I couldn’t take them anywher to let off steam. Basically we were living in a crazy, screaming and crying mad house. That went on for ten very long and ardous days.
Until I brought out the watercolors and the brushes. Just seeing Big Kiddo start to let go of his frustation through the brushes and the paints made me feel like I had totally screwed up the last week and a half. I had stopped making art because I didn’t want them to destroy it afterwards. But what I had done was destroy our entire day to day existence.  I wanted to cry, I did a little actually. I took the photos to remind me, and it also made me think of my mom and dad who are both artists and who cannot function in their daily lives if they aren’t doing art Every Single Day. Maybe Big Kiddo is like them.
After he finished his painting, he was in a really good mood for two or three hours, proving to me that no matter if the kids will destroy it afterwards, the art needs to be made.