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Sponsored Post: Hello World Baking Day!


A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Blue Band to bake a cake for World Baking Day, I suggested a refreshing “No Bake” Jelly Cheesecake.

The Kiddos and I “baked” it for Wiwi, who works downstairs and is so nice to me, it’s just wonderful. She has been following our little no baking adventure for days too.

The kiddos and I went to the Tiara DeWata supermarket to get our ingredients. All different colors of jelly, vanilla biscuits, Blue Band margarine, cream cheese and sweet condensed milk. I think we got way too many packs of jelly!

Our No Bake Happy Jelly Cheesecake came out great! Sweet and tart and a little crunchy on the crust; it was quite nice. We gave it to Wiwi yesterday afternoon, she loved it and was really excited about it. We had a piece with her and then she took it home to eat while relaxing in bed. No better plan than that I have to say.!

We started making the different color jelly squares a couple days ago, Big Kiddo chose blue, green and pink.  There was heaps left over and the kiddos enjoyed eating and playing with it. We got some cookie cutters and they made jelly hearts and jelly starts to eat. I had planned to put some hearts and stars in the cake but then changed my mind because they would just get mixed up when you cut it.

Big Kiddo really enjoyed crushing the vanilla biscuits for the crust and squeezing the Blue Band margarine from the pack on to the crushed biscuits and mixing it with a fork. Both kiddos were surprised at how I made the crust by pressing the mixture in the mold. They had never seen this done before; it must look funny first time around.

We all liked the experience very much and are planning on making more “no bake” cakes in the future with the kiddos. And of course plenty more jelly shapes for dessert!

Join me and share your bake at #worldbakingday on your social media platforms!

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Take this day to bake for someone special! What did you bake for World Baking Day?

Our No Bake Happy Jelly Cheesecake ready for the fridge!#worldbakingday2015 #worldbakingday #blueband

Posted by Crazy Little Family Adventure on Thursday, May 14, 2015

“This post has been sponsored by Blue Band, but all thoughts are my own”