Holiday Factory

For two weeks my kids are attending a day camp where they do crafts and dancing and cooking. Trying to get them into a routine for camp is similar to getting them into a routine for school.

Every night I try and get them to sleep early, explaining to them how if they sleep early they won’t have a hard time getting up. They don’t seem to understand the concept. The usual fall asleep time is 10 pm and that is way too late. Alarms don’t work with them, I have to shake them awake. By the time they are finally awake they are so angry to be woken up that they start whimpering and usually move on to full on yelling in desperation.

I have to figure out how to get them up without the stress and bad feelings. Any suggestions are welcome!

Yesterday i posted this on Facebook…

It’s been one month of summer holidays and the kids go to sleep so late that I end up falling asleep with them and then the next day they wake up at whatever hour. I have one month to get them into a better routine for when school starts.

Sri Lankan school starts at 7:30 am, which I think is absolute insanity. Why on earth does it have to start so early? Then they are done by 12:30? In the summer they are capable of waking up at 9!

I wonder if all the kids have a hard time getting up like mine do. If they actually get up at 6 am and sit down for breakfast and have the patience to get their hair brushed and put up in a braid. The white uniform of the local schools is always so white, how do they wash them? They probably boil them.

This morning kids woke up late and one wanted to go to camp and the other didn’t. When we finally made it to camp, one kid was without shoes. The one who wanted to go originally did not want to stay and the other was clinging to my neck like a drowning deer.

I managed to leave them and get home to get this blog post written while I supervise people cleaning my ceiling fans and tops of cupboards.

Our schooling journey

The kids are now going to a pretty standard international Cambridge school in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. The academics are quite intense and my son’s handwriting has improved exponentially. I am not sure if I believe in school having to be so tough but the kids seem to like it.
In Bali they went to a Montessori school and it was all very different. You can read all about our schooling life and how it has been changing HERE.
I used to say we were Worldschooling but things have changed a bit. With living in a city and me working from home, the activities we do together with the kids are actually quite normal for an expat family, or any family for that matter.
I am sure that soon enough things will change again and we will be doing another kind of schooling. Just to keep things interesting.