The buddhist full moon and our blue moon baby

Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that regards the full moon day as a public holiday. A full moon day is called Poya and is the most important day of the Buddhist Lunar calendar every month. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing I think this is. I am one of those people that feel the moon in all its stages so the Lunar Calendar in Asia really speaks to me.

I associate my kids with the moon they were born on. Teen Kiddo was born on the day where the moon is new and thin and overhanging the ocean underneath Venus early in the evening. Big Kiddo was born almost on the same moon, only two days later in size. My two new moon babies, eternally growing and waxing to cycle and back again.

Small Kiddo is a different story altogether and it’s funny how sometimes things in your life make a cycle on their own, just like the moon. 16 years ago I tattooed a blue moon on my wrist to remember an important night. Many years later I realized that it wasn’t what happened that night that was important, but the blue moon in itself.

Blue Moon Baby

We arrived in Bangkok knowing that Small Kiddo would have to be born by cesarean, what I didn’t know was that I was going to have to pick the day she would be born. This was very hard for me, because I believe in a person’s fate according to day and time they are born. Suddenly the astrological outcome for my daughter was in my hands.

I had seven possible days to choose from and I ultimately chose August 31st, not only a full moon day but also a blue moon! Yes, I did read astrological charts for all the seven days and the 31st of August was the most auspicious. Back then I had not learned very much about the Lunar calendar and how Buddhists use it to make life choices. Although I had done exactly that!

During our year in Bali, I loved seeing the Full Moon ceremonies at the temples and the beachfront in Sanur where people would go and watch the moon rise. The full moon days were not holidays in Bali, but they sure were important! Every full moon had a special story to tell, and particular meaning. These Buddhist full moon celebrations are the same in Sri Lanka with the added
holiday bonus.

Auspicious Days

By following the lunar calendar you can seemingly control your fate and I think that’s quite interesting, don’t you? it’s not only the general auspicious days that you can follow but every person has their own days where thing should be or not done, like doing business or going to the temple.

The Balinese calendar was quite a treat to look at, I never fully understood it but I still loved having it around.


The most important of all the full moon holidays is Vesak, celebrated in the fifth lunar month. Vesak is loosely called Buddha Day because it commemorates the day in which Gautama Buddha was born, was illuminated and then died. The same day, celebrates all three.
The Blue Moon cycle in my life and it’s tattoo is not the only coincidence, Vesak also has made an appereance in my life and I find it all very auspicious. I wrote this in Facebook a few weeks ago when enrolling the kids in school. Moons, Lotus Flowers, Tattoos, Southeast Asia and more.

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