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The Family Art Movement. NaBloPoMo and Free Desktop Calendar


NaBloPoMo Day 1



Today is June 1st, the first day of my BlogHer NaBloPoMo Writing Challenge. I have never done a NaBloPoMo before but I think my writing stamina is at the point where I can handle it. The Theme for this “write everyday” challenge is


“Ready, Set, Go”

I have been thinking a lot lately about how this blog is a mix of many different kinds of blogs; travel, expat, mommy, schooling, and personal. The premise of worldschooling through art and travel fits the mold pretty well I´d say. But the time has come to formally introduce a project I have been thinking about for quite a while. So with NaBloPoMo I am Ready and Set to Go ahead with it.


Last year, I wrote a post that started me thinking in that direction, when I finally settled my mind enough to be able to do art with the kids. I still have a hard time with the mess that it entails but I try really hard to not let that stop me. Kiddos really enjoy it so it´s worth it.


When we were in Phuket, we were doing some homeschooling and throughout that time we created a series of paintings depicting fruits and vegetables and their name in Spanish, English and Thai. We did some animals too. Some of them turned out really nice.


I have not worked in three years; that means I have made no money that entire time, and that is where the idea of selling this art came from. After thinking about it a million different ways I came up with some ideas. Make prints, make t-shirts, make ipad and laptop cases…. In the end I decide to make it into a project. A project that grows with us and ultimately turns into a multilingual picture book. If we then make money from it, then great! I have named the project:

The Family Art Movement 

by Crazy Little Family Adventure


Im not sure if that´s what I will name the book but that will be its entity online and in my head and for everyone who wants to remember it and follow us in the process. To start off the project, we created a desktop calendar for you to keep. If you´d like to have it, just save the image and set it as your background image. If its not big enough, just let me know and I´ll email you a bigger size.


Enjoy and see you every day for the rest of June!