The best marble run games for curious kids – On and Offline

Kids love Marble Run Games

Have you been looking for some marble run games for your kid? Our little ones love creating them with leftover kitchen paper rolls and empty water bottles. While we were looking for some inspiration we found the great Marble Run app online. We also found some great marble run sets at the toy store that I’d love to recommend you. We loved some square ones that came with a metal ball and there are also some amazing wooden ones.

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The best online Marble Run Games for creative kids

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Big Kiddo discovers new things on the internet all the time. I help him find games about stuff that interests him. While still in Phuket, he played the games on Turtle Diary for months, built tracks on the Hot Wheels Track Builder game and has watched endless hours of How its Made and Insanegaz.

The new obsession is an online Marble Run building game that has him more than excited

Few of the internet obsessions Big Kiddo has had have been this cool. He can spend hours designing his marble races. They get more and more complex as he learns how to use the different bricks and buttons.

Today he has started decorating the empty spaces of the mazes, this image on the left is of the last one he made tonight.

We don´t have minecraft, which I have heard is pretty amazing for kids to learn all kinds of skills, but this little game is also pretty great for a five year old.

He has to think about how to create the maze, set the bricks and design a functional shape for the little red ball to make it to the end. Once he is done, the maze needs a name and Big Kiddo makes up the craziest word combos which he has started to type in himself.

After he creates a Marble Run, he likes to play the ones that are listed in the gallery, we think there are people all over the world creating these mazes. Some have letters, numbers, funny shapes. Some are really complicated and some are really simple.

Check it out!