The volcanoes of Bali


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This is what Small Kiddo wrote when she erased the five paragraph post that was here before. She even tagged it! So what´s the label?




I´m not even going to write it again. It will stay in the virtual memory of the internet. You´ll never get to read it. But some kind of post will be posted today.



Let´s begin with what I remember about those fluttering words that were so easily rubbed off by mini fingers. I´m sure there was more but I´ll stick to one this time.



One of the first words we learned in Bahasa Indonesia is…





Can any of you guess what that is? Volcano, of course!



1. Gunung Agung: The largest volcano on the island of Bali. Houses and temples are built in special direction to it and it appears on alot of paintings and drawings done by Balinese and foreign artists who have settled here for a while.



2. Gunung Batur: Has a double crater! With a lake on the outer one. There´s a folk story of a giant and how the lake was created. Here…



Long time ago, in Bali Island, there was a giant named Kebo Iwo. His body was tall and big like a hill. His power was very strong. Kebo Iwo helped people there to build houses, temples and cultivated their rice field. He did not expect any remuneration, except some meals. Because of his big body , he had so much food. His food was enough for 1.000 peoples. Indeed, Kebo Iwo was the kind-hearted giant. On the contrary, when he was angry, he could destroy everything in front of him, if his favorite food did not well-prepared.  READ MORE



3. Gunung Batukaru: One of three mounts on Western Bali. When we drive through Mengwi, Big Kiddos likes to see it and the two mountains next to it.



Big Kiddo has evolved from Lava obsession to Sulphur obsession. He got himself a book of Indonesian volcanoes and keeps it next to his bed.





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