I have been looking at the Reebook store every time I take the kids to school in the morning. When we were looking for new sports shoes for Big Kiddo we found some great ones at Reebook and I started drooling at the adult ones. My old sneakers are getting to the point of no return and I think it’s time to get new ones. Have you been thinking of getting a spanking new pair of sneakers to kick off the New Year? You can save money on a pair of Reeboks with coupons. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on these classic beauties:
Or maybe some rocking tights! The ultimate yoga pants for the yoga I will probably never do. The last tights I had were also reeboks and I wore them for so long I loved them. They weren’t as cool as these though, I think it’s time to go all out and get some patterned ones. 
Hey, maybe if my tights look great I’ll start doing sports again. Yoga is probably the best idea but I’m so lazy. Funny though, I love sports gear even if I don’t do sports.
If I was living in a place that was colder I’d definitely go and get some rocking hoodies cause who doesn’t like putting her hand in those wonderful unipockets! I’ve had hoodies in all colors and I love them when they are oversized! I never had them with the thumb hole and I think I’d really like that. I want to move to a cold place so I can start wearing hoodies again!
How about you? What’s your favorite sports gear? Do you even do any sports? wink wink