This is how our Expat Family Worldschools

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As part of my Worldschooling series, I wrote a post about what Worldschooling is and how I like to define it, and then about Worldschooling from home when you can’t travel.

Today I bring you a story about how our family does it, afterwards you can share with me in the comments, please do!

I’d love to hear all the different paths that Worldschooling takes.
Especially yours.

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About Us

Let’s begin with a little background on my husband and I and our travel styles. He’s an unstoppable adventurer, and I’m a tag along. He never seems to get tired, but I lose my patience quite quickly. You can read this post I wrote about it a little while ago. We try to compromise most of the time and are finally coming to a common ground, and that is where our Worldschooling comes in.

The adventure has two beginnings, our adventure as a couple started 13 years ago and our adventure as a traveling Worldschooling family only started 3 years ago. Whenever we arrive in a new place, we rent a car and drive around the area gradually going farther and farther away form our house, ultimately getting to know the entire area.

We went through quite a bit of trial and error with the education of the kids before arriving at Worldschooling but now we’re fully immersed.

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How Do We Wordschool?

Just to get it out there, our kids are now attending a Montessori Preschool 4 hours every morning. Mostly for English immersion, but also to have interaction with other kids. Whenever the teachers or the principal try to explain to me about uniforms and other usual “school” things I just nod and smile and play along even though I don’t fully agree with them. Who knows how much longer they will be in that school or if maybe we will do homeschooling again. I do not know, it depends on the kids and right now they like going to school.


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So how do we involve Worldschooling in our daily life?
At the moment we live in Bali, the kids are half Peruvian and half Argentine, they speak Spanish and English. Just that aspect of our life makes worldschooling easier. They learn about Balinese culture by living here, and they learn about Peru and Argentina through us and things we tell them.

As part of our traveling library, we have two great books to learn about the world, One is an Atlas full of maps and great information about all the countries and cultures. Another one is the Lonely Planet Amazing Places of the World book with great photos and information. Big Kiddo especially loves the chapter on Stonehenge and the one about the Giant Redwoods.

We watch videos about all sorts of stuff, sometimes about other places in the world, sometimes about science, a lot of times about volcanoes. Whenever we watch a movie we talk about where it is located. Our current favorite is the Madagascar trilogy. Big Kiddo is at the moment obsessed with a large Africa puzzle at school, the other day he asked me in to show me and then we talked about how the animals from the movie had been beached in Madagascar and then crashed in Kenya, in the middle of Africa. Let’s not forget about Mt. Kilimanjaro, it is a volcano after all!

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Visa runs are great opportunities for travel, we’ve gone to Penang and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Singapore. In all the places we have been in the past three years, we try and immerse the kiddos in as much of the culture as possible, mainly with the food. We also try and learn some of the language with them, especially the numbers.

We talk often about other languages apart from the immediate ones, the kiddos are always asking for translations of different words. Today Big Kiddo made up a word for saying “I like that”. It’s ” Lindo Shiny Shanti”, A trilingual adjective that will probably now be used on a daily basis.

We keep journals, and try and take them everywhere so we can made doodles and sketches of things we like or things we see. We keep a list of hotels where we have slept, and I sometimes do sketches of the hotels.

The last thing I’d like to mention is Pinterest. The amount of resources in there is insane, you must know. The kiddos love looking at photos of crazy looking places all over the world especially of the places they have been.

Whenever G plans a trip somewhere he watches videos with the kids about that place. This way when we actually travel, the kids already have an idea what they are going to see and can even recognize things. Both kids have their own boards, Big Kiddo’s is full of volcanoes and rainbows while Small Kiddo’s is full of bento boxes and pictures of Olaf.

My Future Plans for our Worldschooling

I would like to start doing some art related studies with the kids, I really like a website about kids and art. It’s called Art Curator for Kids and there are so many good ideas for the kids to learn new things about the world through art.
We already do art together as much as I can possible manage with the mess they make, but the procrastination usually washes over and I just let them doodle what they want. Small Kiddo is into using scissors right now and Big Kiddo is reading secretly (he won’t read for me, but I can tell he reads without saying things out loud).

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Next week I plan to go searching for beginning reading books for him with bigger letters. All our story books are for parents to read, none for kiddo readers. This is something I have to fix as soon as possible.
If any of you have any suggestions for good books for a beginner a Worldschooling reader, please let me know in the comments!
Like I said before I do not know if we will stay in Bali one more year, or three. Either way we will keep Worldschooling, even if the kids keep going to a “normal” school or not.
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