Tirta Gangga water palace in Bali

Tirta Gangga Water Palace in Bali.


We take family travel to a whole new level; Rent a car, load up on snacks maps and books and drive off. If you can´t make it back to where you started from, just find a place and stay where the night hits you. Why not? Its´all about adventure isn´t it, and you never know what you will find.



A few months ago the family undertook a classic drive around the island getaway but Bali is bigger than it seems and we ended up really far away and it was getting dark.


As the kids slept in the car-seats, I checked our Bali guide book to see what options we had in the area of Karangasem. We passed Tulambeng but it was all about diving so we drove on. Reading up on the area I discovered a place called Tirta Gangga; and it had a hotel right on the grounds.


The hotel is called Tirta Ayu and it has great facilities. Seeing the Water Palace at dawn is a treat. So what is Tirta Gangga anyways? ….




“Tirta means Blessed Water”



It’s an amazing Water Palace compound in the middle of the Karangasem area of Bali, on the Eastern part of the island. Tirta Gangga is an uplifting fresh water swimming pool and washing shower for locals; and a fun and picturesque photo op for tourists. As an adventurous weekend traveler expat, you can experience a bit of both.


We have now been to Tirta Gangga twice; the first time we spent the night in the Tirta Ayu hotel, overlooking the gardens, pools and fountains. The second time was this weekend on our way back from Amed. We know the distances better now, so things can actually be planned in advance if maybe only a couple of hours before.

Big Kiddo and G took a dip and swim in the communal freshwater pool while Small Kiddo and I walked around and took some photos. There are plenty of walkways and fishes to look at. At the base of the main attraction, the seven tier fountain, there is stepping stone walkway that is a hit with kids and photographers.


If you are planning a trip to Bali soon, then you should definitely plan this into it, and better if you stay a night at the hotel!

If you would like to learn more about Tirta Gangga and see some great antique photos of the place and read about the history of how it was built and then refurbished, Do go on ahead and visit their website!