We love the Tropical Fruit in Thailand

by Feb 13, 2013

Thailand is one of those places where the tropical fruit is abundant, delicious and unbeatable. The fruit in Thailand is pretty much reason enough to go and visit, just to you can eat it! If you aren’t going to Thailand any time soon, then you can order some of the classic thai fruit via Amazon, which is pretty unbelievable as well. I wonder how they package the Durian!

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Thai Durian

If you are into Geography and food, you´ll know that all lands close to the equator are shock-full of fruit. Tropical paradise for humans and monkeys alike!  Some of the Asian fruit we already knew about, like the Durian.

We had seen it on tv, on Bourdain´s show or the other one, Bizarre Foods. You´ve heard how it smells and tastes like rotting onion mixed with sweet custard. Well it really is all that and it stinks!!! so much so that its not allowed on trains and buses. It really can be pretty good, but it has to be perfectly ripe.Big Kiddo likes it stinky and gooey!

Fruits with peel

Here in Thailand we found fruits that we didn’t even know existed and some old favorites with variations. The most memorable of all is the mangosteen, dark purple with a bubbly green cravat stem,white fleshy meat with wedges like a tangerine, usually there´s one fat wedge with a seed and six other small seedless ones.
Another newbie but already a favorite is the rambutan, bright red with spindly hairs, see-through and juicy inside like a lychee but harder to separate from the pit. Then there´s another one called langsat that looks like a group of little potato grapes in a bunch, the inside looks like a mix between a lychee and a mangosteen.
I don’t like that one too much. The longan or dragon eye is ok, like a brown lychee. And the classic red lychees that came in bunches are yum. Dragon Fruit is also quite insane with its scaled exterior and white interior with black dots, sometimes it also comes with a dark red interior. Reminds of the tuna fruit in Peru. Dragon Fruit is actually the same as Pitajaya in Peru.

Pomelo and Jackfruit

The pomelo is sold similarly…now that´s one Asian tropical fruit I had no idea existed and am glad to have found.The pulp is all perfectly selected from the peel and white bitter skin. The soft light pink goodness is best when put in the fridge for a while. The pomelo is like a huge green grapefruit with lots of pulp that explodes in your mouth when you bite it crosswise.Here in Bangkok you can get fruit anywhere, there are plenty of street carts that sell their own personal combination. Some only sell jackfruit, since its so big and complicated to peel, a jackfruit cart will only have one fruit at a time. A girl listening to music on her phone separates the edible bits and stacks it up in a little glass case for people to buy.

Easy to eat Street Fruit

Then there are the fruit vendors with the glass cases and the ice selling most of the fruit we already know, or rather their Asian counterparts. Two kinds of pineapples, mangoes in all levels of ripeness, from very tart green to bright and soft yellow. Red and yellow watermelon, green and orange cantaloupe melonsrose apple, dark orange papaya, and some small extremely tart little balls that I have no idea what they are, but sometimes they´re in the curries.

All the fruit is cut up and put in baggies worth 20 Thai Baht. Every baggie comes with another little baggie of chili sugar. There are also the fruit carts and trucks that tend to move around and sell fruit that cant be opened and left to wait, like small red and yellow apples, strawberries with the stem still on, teeny tiny tangerines that are really easy to peel and have no seeds, grapes, rambutan, mangosteen, asian pears and bananas. 


Variations of the usual suspects

There is a kind of banana  that is eaten green. Green papaya is used to make a really spicy salad called Som Tam. Yellow mangoes are eaten with sticky rice and coconut milk. Fave! There are also Japanese melons that are sold in velvet boxes, each with its own production number.Coconuts are sold off the back of a pickup truck,  along with coconut ice-cream served in the actual coconut.  There are street stands that sell freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and its such a nice dark pink color!