It has been about a month since we arrived in Sri Lanka and I finally have the mind space to write about it. A little bit before we left I changed the look of Crazy Little Family Adventure, not knowing that soon we would be moving again, I now know it was some kind of serendipity. After the change I had little time to finalize the look of things and that should all be coming soon.

One year in Bangkok, two years in Phuket, one year in Bali have prepared us for a pretty clean relocation. But there is more, Sri Lanka has an energy that none of those other places had, here I feel at home. Feeling at home helps, it helps arrange my emotions in a different way.

The other day my husband and I talked again about how he is the travel brain and I am the home brain. Sri Lanka makes me feel like I can be homey. I can take care of us in a better emotional space.Even if the move was pretty well oiled, it still caught me off guard and all the new business projects I had going got put on the back burner and I had a hard time getting back on track.

Orana Creative, my artistic business alter ego is my way of taking control of my creative future but lately this blog has been getting unprecedented attention. I thought I was leaving this blog behind but now I know that it has a lot more potential that I could tap into.

Moving again has also given me new ideas to write about, travel stories, food stories, educational stories about the kids and their new school.

I think it’s time to write more family stories AND run my business together.

If my Instagram presence is any indication to this idea I believe I am doing the right thing. I am running three accounts that are a team. Instagram is the only thing I have managed to keep alive this entire time and I think it has also been a process of discovery.

Have you been following all three of my accounts? You really should be.

@oranavelarde is the account where you can follow our adventures and this blog. This account was dormant for a long time and I was trying some creative things with it. I decided to keep this one personal and more geared towards our real life. The other two accounts are more creative and you should check them straight away.

@orana.creative  is the account for my business where you will find social media tips and inspiration for your own creative process as a blogger or small business owner.  is the colorful account of my artist brain and all the artistic things we do together with the kids.