What encourages me…#mommitment

Life is full of obstacles, some of these we create ourselves and some arrive like gifts from the clouds. I say gifts because obstacles are there for one reason and one reason only, to be overcome. When we do it gracefully then it’s a wonderful thing but sometimes it takes extra work and we come out the other side full of bruises and scrapes and maybe even a missing limb.  Sometimes it takes years and years to overcome an obstacle and when we finally poke our heads out the exit, we are different people.
So when I think about what encourages me, looking at the new me that I have become as of late; I can say that I am encouraged by these obstacles that come up in all different colors and sizes pretty much every day. Don´t think that I take myself as this strong woman who can overcome anything, I´m not!  This new feeling of encouragement from the things that used to destroy and faze me is a new thing. A new and completely unexpected, but welcomed new existence.
So how did I get here? Really it´s almost like magic. Some people arrive at this place when they find God, or Faith or The One Energy. All those are a topic I won´t go into because my personal beliefs are still vague and blurry and confusing. What brought me here to this moment in my life was a group of women struggling in the same way as me. I am encouraged by them every single day to be better, to feel better, to stop judging myself, to stop judging others and just be myself.
I am encouraged by the ladies of #mommitment who surprise me every day with their newfound strengths and fortitudes. I love these ladies and all they do for themselves every single moment. We all lead different lives in different parts of the world in different situations but we all have #mommitment in common and that´s the magic part.
We have all grown so much together since the Mom Movement started a while back when Julie from Next Life no Kids had had enough of the Mommy Wars. She created a petition for moms around the world to sign and make a mommitment to stop the judgement. The movement has grown to exponential proportions and is about so much more than its initial purpose. It’s a movement of love and support and virtual hugs and encouragement of each other. Sharing our fears and obstacles with each other gives perspective even to the most difficult situations. I am thankfull for them.
I am encouraged by my new persona, and I try and remember that every time I feel stressed out, or anxious or tired and worn out; I stop and think of how I am becoming a better athlete of the permanent obstacle course. I try and think of my family who suffers when I suffer and I try and be better for them too. I have realized that the mom in the family is the anchor and if the anchor is swaying, then the boat is unstable. I am encouraged by my womanly strength and I try and wield it in every way I can imagine.