What happens when you reach 200 posts? You do a Roundup!

Crazy Little Family Adventure is 3 years and 8 months old and last August I reached the 100 post mark. I did a great little post about hitting 100 posts in three years.

And then something INSANE happened.

I wrote another 100 posts in five months!
Ok so some are Wordless Wednesdays or Six Sentence Stories but they are still posts that I thought about and put up with much love for you my Crazy Little Followers.

For the 100th post I did a roundup of what I had been up to and a list of my posts in tenths.

Here; check out that cool post! 

For this, the 200th post I will do things a bit like that too.
Here goes!

Our Own Domain

The most important thing that happened before reaching 200 posts is that we finally have our own domain! No more blogspot in there! It looks so pretty now;


But the great and amazing change didn’t come without some sad setbacks. I had Google+ comments on and that mean that every single comment that was on the blog, disappeared. So if you are feeling generous and have time, go around and leave me some comments! I’d love you forever and ever.

Let’s see what else has been happening around here….

The 10 Day Blog Makeover Challenge, Blogging on Your Own Terms and Have Your Cupcake

At some point last year I joined the 15 day Blog Makeover Challenge and couldn’t finish it properly cause some things just seems superfluous but then I retraced my steps and thought about it a little better and did the 10 Day Challenge. To my very happy surprise and after some hard work, I noticed that my blog really was getting looking better and feeling better and getting better results.

Not only that, I also got to meet my awesome Blog Coach and Mentor Daniela Uslan. She’s the one that created the Challenge. After doing the challenge, I got to know her a little better and learned about her Membership Page called Have your Cupcake, where bloggers come together and learn how to make their blog truly amazing and even how to make money with it.

I not only joined the membership program I also became Daniela’s Virtual Assistant. Since then I have been helping her out with her amazing Facebook Group for Bloggers called Blogging on your Own Terms and also with some other stuff.

Doing her challenge and joining NaBloPoMo last year is what really put up the gears for the amount of posting that has been happening. Sometimes there are days, weeks, even a month that I don’t post something but then I always come back strong with the help from the group and of course with….


How could I not mention MOMMITMENT? My wonderful band of mommas! It was Julie from Mommitment that helped me get out of my writing rut (I had been blog quiet for over 4 months) by writing as a guest poster in her blog Next Life no Kids I finally managed to let go of a lot personal things that were not letting me write freely. So I wrote about them, for Mommitment, for Women for One, World Moms Blog and Multicultural Kid Blogs.

Thanks to these outlets and the NaBloPoMo in August, I was back in business! Things never went back down after that.

Now I am part of team of Admins that manage the Facebook Mommitment Page and I have made some friendships that span the globe and I hope to keep for years to come.

The International Bloggers´Association

At some point along the way I can’t remember when, I came across the International Bloggers´Association; a community of bloggers helping bloggers. When I first joined the group it was a little dormant and not much was happening. After a few weeks things started moving and some new people that I knew from another group started moving along the gears to revive the International Blogger´s Association.

A call for volunteer helpers came around and I jumped in. Long Story short I now manage their Instagram account, am a Senior Board Member and I create plenty of branded images and templates for all the Social Media Channels that we manage.

I love the IBA, there are so many things to learn with the, and we really do help each other out. It is growing exponentiallly and I’m happy to have joined at just the right time.


When I lived in Phuket I was part of an instagram community called #Phuketstagram and it was awesome. When I arrived in Bali I created Balistagram. As the months passed I got to know a lot of other similar instagram accounts and have been looking for a way to make mine a little different.
Balistagram has gone through a few changes along the way and just today I had a conversation with my fellow admin about it. I was trying to make it edgy but still mainstream, different but still full of hashtags.
As of today we don’t ask anyone to tag #balistagram to be featured in the account anymore. We aren’t an “instagram community” anymore, now we are an “instagram ´zine” and we hope to be heading into a new, uncharted, and edgy road.

Family Art Movement – Etsy Store

Family Art Movement is something I created ages ago when i was homeschooling my kids in Phuket and all I could really do is make Art with them. We created many many multilingual paintings that I dreamed of selling someday. I finally opened an Etsy Store this last month and even thought I haven’t sold anything yet, I have great plans for it.
Right now we only sell digital downloads, soon volcanic jewelry handmade in Bali by me, and also fine art paper or canvas prints of artwork made by me and members of my family.

The 5 Most Viewed Posts of ALL TIME


All these 5 posts were written AFTER the big blogging breakthrough five months ago!

Thanks for reading! I hope you stick around!