What is a MOMpreneur? Why do I want to be one?

What do I love?

I love Instagram.
I love knowing how to use it to my advantage
I love seeing that I can tap into that knowledge and change my creative life.
I love having a ‘Zine account that I curate, it gives me power.

I love my blog, I love the way it looks, all colorful and creative.
I love the short and long stories I tell.
I love how it has become a little corner of the internet that I can call my own.

This upcoming May, Crazy Little Family Adventure will be three years old.
I still haven’t migrated to WordPress and I haven’t had much luck with Sponsored Posts.

What I don’t love is that I am not making any money from it.
But why is that a problem you say?
My husband works, he provides for everything we need!
But I still need to feel like I am doing something towards my future.
My kids won’t be toddlers forever!

I have been a Stay at Home mom for the last three and a half years, before that I was a successful Makeup Artist and Hairdresser, before that I went to school and before that I ran a Bar and Restaurant. I have almost always either worked for myself or as a freelancer in a team so changing my career path to Expat Mompreneur seemed like the right way to go.

What is a Mompreneur?

Don’t you just love the word?
it’s basically the mix of two awesome words;

 mom + entrepreneur

I have never seen myself as an entrepreneur, not even when I was 21 and opened my little pie shop that later turned into a bar. I just went through the motions because I didn’t want to be an employee. It was fun while it lasted but it didn’t work out so I guess my first stint as an entrepreneur was a failure in terms of money but those years will stick to my memory like a sticker to the headboard.

A mom that can work on her own and from home? 
That’s pretty badass in my book. 
I want to do that, I want to be that, I want to rock that