When blogging stops being the most important thing

Blogs are hard to keep up with!

There have been months where I haven’t written, not for lack of trying but it just wasn’t happening. I was totally word blocked and it wasn’t in my system at all. Lately though it’s not that I don’t want to, I’ve just been too busy with other projects to remember to come back here and write something.

I keep logging in and finding things I’d love to change or fix, or improve. I decided a few weeks ago that I would migrate the blog to WordPress and so I would stop changing things around until I did that.

As soon as I decided that, then things started to change, the blog wasn’t talking to me anymore. I can’t think of ideas to write about.

I have lots of topics on this blog, like worldschooling, family travel, food, but just none of it I want to write about so much anymore. Would it be too crazy to just not write about that stuff? What would happen to my blog? Would it fizzle and die?

Maybe I need a complete rebranding, should I change the name of the blog? I thought of calling it Orana┬┤s Crazy Little Family Adventure and someone told me it sounded selfish and egocentric.

But isn’t this MY blog? I guess what they were saying is that its no just MY adventure but the whole family’s. I’m not sure what they mean but it sure got me back down on my haunches again.

What to do about my blog……

Then I listened to a podcast about blog consolidation and deleting old posts and what not to make the blog tighter, with less posts and easier readability. I went crazy over that. I want to do it! But I also want to migrate. And I want to change my header and I want to have a prettier theme, and I want and I want and I want.

But nothing gets done. I can’t even write a new blog post.

Has this happened to you? I can’t figure out what to do.