Which YouTube channels are the best for fun learning?

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Last week I wrote a couple articles about Worldschooling, one was about how to Worldschool while at home and one of the ideas I mentioned was YouTube and how you can find all kinds of videos for learning about the world with travel videos, and documentaries. What I didn’t mention in that article was how YouTube can also be educational in other ways; to learn about science and manufacturing for example, or how to build things.

We all know YouTube is chock full of knowledge (as it is also packed with crap) you just have to know where to look and try and steer you kids in the right direction.


No TV, just Computers

We don’t have a TV at home, we just use our laptops. If we move into a house that has a TV in it, then it gets watched but getting a TV is never a priority when we move somewhere new.

I am an avid torrent downloader and Big Kiddo is an avid YouTube watcher.

I try and keep his YouTube experience to some kind of educational video channel but sometimes he just ends up watching Hamsterball or Insanegaz. Lately he has been into watching 3D animations of liquids and different substances behaving in all sorts of ways, most of these are the reels for cinematographers that specialize in food commercials I think, you know like the splashing milk or melting chocolate ones.

Small Kiddo likes the dreaded egg surprise and toy unboxing videos so I keep her away from those as much as possible; I prefer she watches a movie. The only kind of educational channels she likes are the ones about experiments and well, Shaun the Sheep and Masha and the Bear.

Dad has no time for watching anything but when he does, he watches Anthony Bourdain, old videos about cities around the world (the ones that used to be played in movie theaters in the 1930’s) and food travel videos by a Filipino guy who makes the funniest faces when he eats!

The three favorite “educational” channels in our home are;

1. How it’s Made

How it’s Made is a show from the Discovery Network that showcases the process of production for all kinds of things. From hand made objects to massive scale machine made products. Big Kiddo’s favorite is the one episode about glass marbles.


2. Crazy Russian Hacker

Crazy Russian Hacker is a Russian dude who I’m pretty sure lives in the U.S. He does all kinds of awesome experiments and life hacks. He really is very funny and entertaining and has some easy ideas for the kids to do, as well as more complicated hacks and pranks that are geared more towards adults. The Kiddo’s favorite video is a compilation of Crazy Science Experiments you can do at home.

3. The Slow Mo Guys

Now these guys are the bomb. They have a Phantom Camera which is THE ultimate slow motion filming machine. We discovered them with a video they made of a giant water balloon and how they attempted to pop it, to the point of jumping off a tree to land on it! My all time Slo Mo Guys favorite video is the Water Balloon Fight but the kiddos love the exploding watermelon with rubber bands!

4. Phymec

I’m not even sure what is going on in this channel, but I think it has to go with Physics. Big Kiddo loves it because it’s about “Things that Break”. His favorite is the one called A Year of Blender Animations and Simulations.

I asked my readers how they use YouTube and this is what they had to say! If you know of a Channel that should be here please let me know in the comments!

Crash Course
Sci Show
– Suggested by +Michael Howard

School House Rock

Smarter Every Day

King of Random

Geography Now  
– Suggested by Caroline K Mukisa from Math Insider