Why do I write? It´s an addiction


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This blog, the Crazy Little Family Adventure has been evolving as of late and has become a little more personal than it used to be. I am at the moment working on a “6 things to do with kids in Kuala Lumpur” post, but the actual writing is taking center stage and I have joined a weekly link up to write with a prompt. This is my first time and I think I like it!


I write because…


Words are like gasoline for my soul. The sentences are the mileage that I manage to transport myself across the universe. At a different time in my life, every experience had to be documented, every thought had to be immortalized. into a poem, a picture, a doodle, a sketch or an endless array of words on paper.


There is a box in storage full of words I have once written, full of prose I once lived and full of art I once became.


The blog is now an extension of this reality, a need to put things into words that was dormant for too long a time.


Almost a decade of artistic silence is resurfacing through the pages of this virtual journal where I share with you our kids travels and their journeys through a Worldschooling life.


I write because I have to. I write because it makes me feel like there´s a purpose to the words that stream out of my existence. I write because if I do not, the world seems like a cage of spiny roses waiting to hurt me if I move an inch. I am grateful for the words and their magic powers. I am grateful for the freedom of truth that I have recently found.


I write because it makes me feel alive.