Women of Courage, This is My Village. This is Mommitment.

Let me tell you something about Courage.

Courage is being truthful about how you feel.

Courage is being honest about your fears.

Courage is asking for help.

Courage is helping others even if you feel like you can´t help yourself.

Courage is accepting a Mom Village when you feel like you aren´t worthy.

As every day passes, more women join The Mom Movement, making a commitment to be supportive of other moms. Together we learn that Courage is having the strength to not judge another mother, it´s about accepting that we all have our own story and that everyone has their own troubles. Courage is having the fortitude to not only be supportive of other mothers but also be supportive of yourself.

These past months that I have been part of #mommitment I have made some powerful friends that I hope will stay friends for the long haul. I have read and heard personal stories that must have been extremely difficult to share, stories full of honesty and pain. Stories of real lives. Stories of Courage.

I’d like to share with you some of the stories we have here in our village. You might find that you can relate. Either way I’m sure that everyone can use a little Courage in their lives.


The first story is by Julie, the founder of The Mom Movement.
She bared herself and I love her for it.
Her entire blog is full of courage and honesty!
“We all need hope and deserve a chance.”
I Was Never a Monster by Julie Maida +Next Life No Kids



The second story is by Graeme from Honestly Mama G
She knows what we all know but are sometimes afraid to say,
Sometimes being a mom sucks.
“Be petty, be picky. Whine. Get it out. Because this shit is hard and sometimes it sucks. We get to say that. We have to live it, so we get to say it.”
When Being Mom Sucks by Graeme +Honestly Mama G


The third story is by Bianca from Real Mommy Confessions
A very real story about trying to eat out with your kids and the looks us mother´s get when kiddos start, well, being kiddos.
I´ve Had Enough by Bianca +Real Mommy Confessions


These are not all the #mommitment stories, there are more!
You can see them on the website, and I suggest you do.
They are Women of Courage and They are