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We offer services to worldschooling families that run businesses online. If you are a location independent family, or a digital nomad family running an online business, we can help. From strategizing your brand to designing your website to writing the content for your blog or ebook.

Web and Graphic DesignContent Writing

graphic and web design

I know how important it is to have a good online presence. Especially when your worldschooling and location independent income depends on it. Your online business needs a well-strategized branding scheme as well as an optimized website. As a designer and artist, I can offer you not only a great logo and website but also a deep understanding of what it’s like to live and work on the road.

Your online business deserves a killer website. Most digital nomad families live off their online income. I can help make your brand work for you!

I build websites with the DIVI theme and a specialized set of child themes for any industry.

I strategize branding schemes for online businesses in any niche, from blogs to e-commerce sites.

Visit my design website or send me a message. You can email me through the email in the menu above, message me on Facebook, or find me on Instagram

Irina Buruiana

For Irina, I set up a branding according to the logo she already had. Then I designed a five-page website for her.

This year we are doing a refresh with a new design, so stay tuned!.

Ultreia Camino

This company does walks in the Camino de Santiago paired with therapy sessions. They have walks every year, every few months.

They needed a platform to get the word out about their walks.

content writing

I have been writing in different capacities for years. I studied creative writing and have a knack for storytelling. A large part of our worldschooling income is covered by my writing. From articles about design and branding to travel and leisure.

For your online business, I can offer writing for any of the content. I can write the text for your website, your product descriptions, blog posts, and even your newsletters.

As a storyteller at heart, I can transmit your brand’s message into written content in no time.

Click on the button below to see my latest writing work or send me a message.


for your website

Your website needs content, that’s no surprise. But what it really needs is SEO rich content with just the right information to get your viewers going along the correct path. You can hire me to write your content and give me the SEO parameters, or I can team up with my SEO buddies and offer you a whole package.


for your blog or ebook

Writing content for a blog takes time and dedication. If you hire me to write your blog posts, all you need to do is share it on social media once it’s published. I write SEO rich content as long as you give me your SEO keyword guidelines.


for your social media

The content on your social media posts needs to follow a message and the storytelling style of your brand. Writing descriptions is a painstaking task. Hire me to write a month’s worth of social media posts as long as you give me the photos to work with. Alternatively, I can also create your graphics.