Worldschooling with food

Learning about cultures through their food – Eating the world


Food and Travel Videos

The kids love watching food and travel videos. To say they are fans of Anthony Bourdain unnecessary, cause who isn’t. They really enjoy watching videos about places they are staying in or going to soon. Weird food videos are always winners!

Activating taste buds

Every new location is full of food discoveries. Every adventure outing includes a new place to eat and try something different. In some cases, we try lots of different places which serves the same food to then choose a favorite.


When we stay longer periods of time in places, favorites start to get set. For example, mango and sticky rice in Bangkok or Cheese Borek in Istanbul. 

Worldschooling foodies

There are lots of ways to incorporate food into a Worldschooling education. One of the most obvious is to go out and eat; street food, cafes, restaurants, historical eateries, etc. You can go further and watch videos and read blogs to find the best of each place. Try taking a cooking class with the kids and maybe even make a video of the experience

“Context and memory play powerful roles in all the truly great meals in one’s life.”

– Anthony Bourdain

Scroll below to see our stories about food, our favorite food, and travel videos and some resources from Amazon to get you eating everywhere you go.

Pro Tip: Pace yourself and eat as much as you can but plan it out and enjoy it.

Our Favorite Bangkok Street Foods

  When we think of Bangkok we consider it as our home. We’ve been back and forth for six years. Sure, we've lived in plenty of other places around Asia but Bangkok is the only one that feels like home.As our latest five-month Bangkok stint comes to an end, I...

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I am not Mafalda, I love soup

During my childhood, if I wasn't doodling on a piece of paper or playing with friends or cousins, I was reading Mafalda comics. Mafalda is a little Argentine girl who hates soup, and makes a great big fuzz over it. Whenever I think of soup and specially of someone not...

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I’m getting tired of Curry

Oh Curry, ambrosia of Asia.  I'm getting tired of you.   I can't be sure if I am getting tired of curries in general or just the Sri Lankan style. Definitely prefer to eat curry with chopsticks than with my hands, or rather with a spoon while everyone else gets...

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I have this thing with Ginger Beer

When I first tasted Ginger Beer The change of the century didn't bring along the end of the world but it did bring along something special for me. A few months after the Y2K anti-phenomenon, I traveled to Australia with my daughter. There are lots of things I liked...

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How to Make your own Coconut Milk

How to Make your own Coconut Milk To see more stories and recipes about Food We Love, click HERE! Coconut Milk, a staple of Thai and many other Asian cuisines. A not so easy to find product in South America some years ago. It is easier to find now but I will never...

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How I fell in love with Coconut Sugar

Whenever I think about writing about my Expat, Worldschooling and Travel Lifestyle, the first thing that comes to mind is food. Not only how every place has it's own local dishes and spice styles, but also about the daily staples like sugar, coffee, salt, even flour....

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a cook's tour

A Bourdain essential. It’s not that current but it’s got all his best thoughts on travel and food. We all miss Anthony Bourdain.

Track your food travels

If you aren’t a nomad but have a home base where you come back to every time, this map is for you. Your family can track where you go and what you eat there!

rice, noodle, fish

A mustread book if you’re traveling to Japan. This is the kind of book that you’ll never want to get rid of. Matt Goulding with Roads and Kingdoms make the best food books.

Turkish Cookbook

Turkish food is so ancient and delicious and full of flavors. This book not only has amazing recipes it also has beautiful photos. Perfect for preparing a trip to Istanbul or while there.

road food

The one book you need to take on the All-American Road Trip. From coast to coast or slowly across the country, you need the best barbecue.


For the baby worldschoolers

If you are traveling with little ones who still don’t eat like you, take along a little kit for them. Let them try the local fruits and veggies in their daily mash. 

Ultimate Thai Food guide

Mark Weins is one of our favorite food travel vloggers. This book is by him. Perfect for eating in Thailand.


Eating Vietnam

The blue plastic tables close to the ground are so indicative of Vietnamese food it just brings back to many memories.