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Resources, stories, and tips for Nomad Families interested in worldschooling in Bali and Indonesia.

Indonesia is not only Ubud, Bali

Most worldschooling families who travel to Indonesia, arrive in Bali. Many of them choose the bustling city of Ubud or the northern beach town of Ahmed. Digital nomad families usually go to Canggu or Seminyak or the southern beaches. 

The island of Bali is much bigger than Ubud. There are more islands, like Sumba, Lombok, The Gilis, and Nusa Penida.

  • Is Indonesia good for kids? 100% 100%
  • Do we really need to go to Ubud? 30% 30%
  • How easy is it to travel around the country? 70% 70%
  • How necessary is it to learn some Bahasa Indonesia? 60% 60%

Our INdonesian worldschooling Experience

We arrived in Bali, Indonesia after living in Phuket for two and a half years. It was in Bali that I started finally working again, after over three years. Working changed my life for the better! 

Bali is a wonderful place, but it can be a bit overwhelming as well. We felt safe in Bali and the kids really loved it. They went to a Montessori school during the time we were there and they still remember it as their favorite school ever.


Wordlschoolers in Indonesia

Resources about indonesia

My Awesome Bali Adventure

Our kids absolutely loved this book. It’s fun if you are in Bali for a short trip or a longer stay. There is lots to learn and plenty of activities inside.

Island of Demons

A historical novel about artist Walter Spies who spent copious amounts of time in Bali during the 1920s and 30s. He is  part of Balinese art history.

Bali Guidebook by Tuttle

Not all guidebooks are the same. This Bali guidebook from Tuttle is one of our faves. Lots of great info and historical anecdotes.

A brief history of Indonesia

This one is for the people in the family who love reading about history. Maybe for the teen worldschoolers? A very well written book about the history of Indonesia.

Journeys with the caterpillar

A traveler’s personal account about traveling around the Indonesian islands of Flores, Sumba, and Nusa Teggara. This is for the ones that want to know Indonesia on a deeper level.

Borobudur - Majestic, Mysterious, Magnificent

A beautiful book of photographs about the ancient Buddhist temple of Borobudur. This is the type of book that stays on your coffee table for a lifetime for everyone to enjoy.

Periplus Map of Indonesia

Periplus makes the best maps! Having a map of Indonesia is great fun because of all the islands. Check off the islands you visit.


Eat, Pray, Love

Only after reading this book will you understand why Ubud is so crowded and why everyone wants to see Ketut.

Mount Batur and The Legend of Kebo Iwo

  Mount Batur and the legend of Kebo IwoKebo Iwo was a "Hangry" Giant.   A long time ago on the island of Bali, there lived a giant called Kebo Iwo, he was an essential part of the community, building houses and temples, helping with the crops and rice...

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My Bali Neighborhood; Renon, Denpasar.

My Bali Neighborhood; Renon, Denpasar. NaBloPoMo Day 12 If you would like to see more of our "Expat Anthology" posts, click HERE! Its been three months since we moved into our western style house in the modernized Balinese neighborhood of Renon in South Denpasar....

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Kite Season In Bali

Kite Season In Bali

  Kite season in Bali The dry season in Bali brings along some strong winds! The whistling, tree bending kind. It´s still hot as all hell but at least the afternoon winds refresh the sweat beads that are constantly rolling down your back and face. But the...

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Tirta Gangga Water Palace in Bali.

  Tirta Gangga water palace in BaliTirta Gangga Water Palace in Bali.   We take family travel to a whole new level; Rent a car, load up on snacks maps and books and drive off. If you can´t make it back to where you started from, just find a place and stay...

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Why I sent the kids to a Montessori School in Bali

Why I sent the kids to a Montessori School in Bali

Why I sent the kids to School in Bali If you would like to see more posts about how we Worldschool, click HERE! I like Worldschooling, sure I also like Unschooling, and yes even Homeschooling. We were doing all that for three years, in Laos and Thailand. And now again...

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