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  Resources, tips and stories about worldschooling in Thailand for digital nomad families.

Thailand is a worldschooling hotspot

The northern city of Chiang Mai has been a favorite with worldschooling families for a while now. Expats and digital nomads have been going to Chiang Mai for years, it was inevitable that it would also become a worldschooling hub. Other cities like Bangkok and the island and Koh Tao are great destinations for full travel families of all kinds.

Chiang Mai in the mountains. Bangkok for city life. Koh Tao for the island experience. Also the food is amazing.

Staying in Thailand for a long period of time depends on what kind of passport you have. You can also do numerous visa runs before immigration officers crack down on your movements. Below is a collection of our stories and after that some helpful links to get your Thailand Worldschooling adventure started!

  • Is thailand good for kids? 100% 100%
  • What percentage of the year is it rainy? 40% 40%
  • How easy is it to travel around the country? 90% 90%
  • How necessary is it to learn some Thai? 30% 30%

Our Thailand worldschooling Experience

We arrived in Thailand in May of 2012. We were three months pregnant and with a 1 year old and 13 year old. Our daughter was born in Bangkok and we stayed for ten months in a flat on Sukhumvit 23. During the next 6 years, we went back to Bangkok all the time. Our last stretch lasted 8 months and we really feel like Bangkok is home! We also lived in Phuket for two years, where we started calling ourselves worldschoolers.

You can read some of our stories in the blog section below. There are lots of stories about Thailand and lots more coming soon. 

Our Favorite Bangkok Street Foods

Our Favorite Bangkok Street Foods

  When we think of Bangkok we consider it as our home. We’ve been back and forth for six years. Sure, we've lived in plenty of other places around Asia but Bangkok is the only one that feels like home.As our latest five-month Bangkok stint comes to an end, I...

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How “not” to drive in Thailand and survive!

How "not" to drive in Thailand and survive! NaBloPoMo Day 14 If you would like to see more of our "Expat Anthology" posts, click HERE! If you would like to see more of our Family Travel Stories, click HERE! I do not drive. I don't like driving.  But most people are...

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THai Visa issues and regulations

Depending on your passport you can get either 14 days or 90 days visa free. Find more about your passport through the button below.

Worldschooling blogs in thailand

There are lots of worldschooling bloggers who have been through Thailand one time or another. Here are some of our favorites.

amazing books about thailand

There are some amazing books about Thailand which you can read with the kids before, or during your stay. These are some of our faves.

very thai

Get this book before going to Thailand so by the time you get there you will recognize stuff and feel right at home! Version 2 has recently been updated since the death of King Buhimol.

bangkok noir

A collection of short stories about Bangkok to get you in the groove. This one is for the parents!

eyewitness guide

Of all the mainstream guides, the Eyewitness line is the best. It has great illustrations and wonderful information about all of Thailand.

Bangkok 8

Another one for the parents. A suspense detective novel based in Bangkok. These are the kinds of books that get you knowing the nitty gritty of the city.

bangkok walking tour

The walking tour book series is one of our favorites for a few different locations. The one about Bangkok is easily the best.


Bangkok Street Foods

This book was published before the street food wipe out but lots of the suggestions are still around! Our no.1 favorite book when we first arrived.

Awesome chiang mai map

This map is one of the things you will treasure for years after your time in Thailand is over. It’s beautiful, it’s practical and  has tons of great info.


thai cookbook

Either before traveling or after coming back, cooking Thai food should never be a stranger in your home.